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Sir Paul Altman has been involved in the real estate profession for over forty years and is the CEO of Altman Real Estate Group, the Caribbean’s leading Real Estate provider. Sir Paul has been at the forefront of developments in Barbados’ luxury residential market: he was instrumental in the establishment of The Royal Westmoreland Golf & Country Club; led the development of the highly successful Sugar Hill Resort as well as Limegrove Lifestyle Center; and thus created a high standard for resort communities and developments in Barbados.          

The Altman Real Estate Group is built on a long history of hard-work and perfecting the craft of exceeding the expectations of its clients. Our story starts in the 1970s as passionate Heather Aguilar started her journey in the event and property management industry. Her dedication to this craft boosted her success in the industry where she was known for creating more than just an event, but a memorable experience. In the late 1970s Mr. Richie Alleyne partnered with Heather to create Alleyne & Aguilar, this amalgamation marked the company’s introduction into Barbados’ Real Estate market.          

Alleyne & Aguilar was located on the West Coast of Barbados in Derricks St. James where they brokered many deals along the Platinum Coast of the island. Their success resulted in the sale of the renowned Glitter Bay to a British investor in the 1980s. The sale of this property shifted the interest of Richie Alleyne from Real Estate into the Hotel Management sector. 


Subsequently, in the early 1980s, Paul Altman was introduced to the company and took it to new heights as Altman Real Estate. Sir Paul Altman believes in living life to the fullest, one day at a time and has expanded the portfolio of Altman Real Estate through innovation and imagination. In his life and in business, Sir Paul Altman’s philosophy is to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This framework has resulted in Altman Real Estate leading the Real Estate market throughout the Caribbean; making the name Altman synonymous with Luxury Real Estate, pioneer development projects and quality service.

At Altman Real Estate, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovative development projects, and The PierHead is one of our most exciting ventures yet. This visionary project is currently being assembled and set to commence construction in the second half of 2023. Situated in the heart of Bridgetown and falling under the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage designation, The PierHead promises to be a transformative landmark in the area. 

A Historic Transformation:

The PierHead project encompasses one of the most historically significant and visible areas in Bridgetown. Plans for this iconic location are designed to respect its rich heritage while embracing the future. We are committed to creating a dynamic space that celebrates the live, work and play theme, offering a diverse range of amenities and features.

Unique Features

The PierHead will be a multi-dimensional destination, boasting an array of features to cater to residents, visitors and businesses alike:

Live and Work Apartments

The thoughtfully designed apartments will incorporate office spaces, promoting a seamless work-life integration for who call The PierHead home.

Elevated Dining Experiences

The PierHead will house a variety of restaurants, with the main attraction nestles along the beachside among luxurious beach cabanas. Other eateries will spill onto The Careenage from the four main buildings, providing waterfront and city views. Additionally, a rooftop restaurant overlooking Parliament and a unique dining experience set in an old Molasses Tank will add to the culinary delights.

Innovative Offices and Shops

The Pier Head will be a hub for start-up and high-tech businesses, similar to successful communities like Dogpatch and WeWork. Our aim is to foster a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem that drives innovation and collaboration.

Preserving History

In keeping with our commitment to heritage, The PierHead will house a museum dedicated to highlighting the history and cultural significance of the site, allowing visitors to connect with the past while embracing the future.

Convenient Access

Beyond effortless road access, the site will be easily reachable via boat and water taxis from both the west and south coasts, as well as the main Bridgetown harbor, situated approximately one mile away.

Reviving Bridgetown’s Relevance

We believe that Bridgetown is on the cusp of a renaissance, and The PierHead will be the catalyst for this transformation. Our commitment to heritage preservation and creating a vibrant community sets the stage for a bright and promising future for this historic area.

Join with us at Altman Real Estate as we embark on this groundbreaking journey, shaping the landscape of Bridgetown and redefining urban living and working. Click the link below for updates and opportunities to be a part of this historic venture. The PierHead awaits you!


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